About Us

Rooster Tails has been in business since November 16, 2001. Over the past decade we have grown and developed into a creative custom furniture store. Here at Rooster Tails we pride ourselves on quality built pieces and fair prices. We only use solid wood and premium paints for our furniture. We are available to build furniture that accommodates your specific size and needs. We look forward to seeing you and strive for it to be an enjoyable experience when you visit us. You can call us Tuesday through Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM at (615) 794-7472!

Wayne and Pat Killebrew

Fun Fact: We get the question a lot about how Rooster Tails got it’s name. There is not a long story to it. I simply thought that I wanted a catchy name that wouldn’t give away what exactly was in our store just by its name. I wanted a name that would encourage people to explain what it is we carry when they told their friends about us, and for some reason Rooster Tails popped into my head.

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